Posted on: August 18, 2010 5:06 pm

How crazy ...

How crazy ould it be if:

1. The Boston Redsox acquire Manny Ramirez and come back and get into the playoffs. Not only through a Wild Card, but they are crowned the division winners. That would be nuts.

2. The San Francisco Giants come from 5 back in the NL West, where the Padres have led pretty much ALL Year. None of the Giants 5 starters have worse than a 3.62 ERA. Pat Burrell has been lights out for them since his arrival. His batting average is currently .50 points higher than it was earlier in the season.

3. No one has made any mention of Neftali Feliz for a possible Rookie of the Year candidate, but his 29 saves and that 9.2 K rate have got to get some respect. The only thing hurting him would be his 3.48 ERA. Then you look at his .987 WHIP.... This could hinge on the Rangers finish, but if this kid gets just 6 more saves he would have 35...in his rookie year.

4. What if the Cincinnati Reds can hold off Pujol's St. Louis Cardinals? Do the Cardinals miss the playoffs? Right now they are behind two other teams in the Wildcard chase. The best player in baseball watching playoffs?

5. Ubaldo Jimenez DOESNT win the NL Cy Young. Honestly, this guy's team win % in games he's pitched is .792 . Adam Wainright is the only other player with 17 wins, but he has twice as many losses as Jimenez's 3. Consider Ubaldo also has 4 no decisions.

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