Posted on: April 12, 2011 3:39 pm

Betting in College Sports

I was watching ESPN and they had four different people talking about a betting scandal at a San Diego College. I wasn't paying too much attention until the announcer posed the question:

Since it appears the NCAA cannot control the betting going on within Collegiate sports, what can they do about it?

Another question was whether or not they should ban it outright. In Vegas and overseas, make it completely illegal to bet on collegiate sports. One of the four talking heads was a Casino Bookie in Vegas. His response was that it would just go underground. It would be like the alcohol prohibition and many would still make their money off of it. He added that with it remaining legal and out front, the NCAA would have much more cooperation than if it were underground.

There were other great points made, but another interesting question came up:

What would cause a player to disobey the rules and lead them to the point where they were attempting to throw games?

One answer was NEED.

They asked, want? Or need?

My answer to all of this is to go further and pay student athletes.

Think of it as something like an internship. I know that a lot of players play basketball for the love and only for the love of the game. But there are others that are elite and interested in going to elite schools. In return, there are plenty of elite schools, who make an impressive revenue off of their sports. If they can afford and are willing (and interested) in certain players, why not let them pay them as an extra attraction? The NCAA could better monitor it, put a cap of sorts on it.

It doesn't have to be a ridiculous amount of money, nor does it have to be for every player.

Maybe limit it to a certain amount of players altogether.

I'm not completely sure on the answers to these questions. Or the answers i myself gave. I'm curious to hear other ideas and points of view on the subject.

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