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Posted on: April 2, 2010 5:26 pm

MLB Divisional All Star Games?

   I hate tinkering with something as rich in history as Major League Baseball, but I just got this incredible idea. This all started with an argument between a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan, in which the two were comparing Youk and Tex. They were throwing numbers back and forth and just for fun I wanted to compare what Pena's numbers looked like. (Not good by comparison. Tex leads the group, but in straight up numbers over the last two years Pena compares favorably to Youk.)
  This conversation led me to drift off into another thought about how strong the AL East is. I wondered to myself, " What would an "All AL East All-Star Team look like?".

  I began thinking about how Ray's players compared to others in the division and then it hit me. Oh my MAPLE BATS SPLINTERING, what if baseball had an "Intra-Division All-Star game?!"

  Think about it. We would probably want to cut the Major League regular season back down to 154 games and during All-Star weekend, instead of doing all the other ridiculous festivities like Home Run Derby, we could set up Tournaments throughout the break that would consist of All Stars from each individual division. AL Central would have a team consisting of All-Stars from this division, the AL East would have theirs, AL West theirs. Same for the NL side. These teams would play one another in some form of a tournament. Be it Round Robin or Single elimination, figure it out so that the math works and in the end, you have one winner. They could play two games a day or the teams could stretch it out over a 3 day weekend. This would allow all the players that deserve to be All-Stars the chance to play and not force managers to do a 2 innings and out deal. These guys would play full games if they wanted to. Make the incentive the same as what is in place now, homefield advantage in the playoffs. The AL East wins the tourney, they get homefield when they play a team from the AL West or Central. Winner of the AL/NL finale gets homefield in the series.

  I don't know why no one thought of this before, but I really think it could bring some extra excitement to All-Star weekend and bring a new competitive spin to the game. Now us AL East fans can PROVE that we have a better and tougher division than (Insert division here). This will open our eyes to a lot of new players who can't create new names as heroes in the playoffs. I seriously think it is something to consider and obviously would need to be tweaked, but THIS is the initial blueprint for spicing up a stale All-Star Weekend in baseball. This eliminates the Home Run Derby and still showcases the talent of individual players in their respective positions and sports.

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